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Get the look you want now. 
Apply and schedule your desired surgery.
Learn How Cosmetic Surgery Financing Works


You may apply via our secure on-line application a or call our loan processing department directly or fax in your application, a loan representative will carefully examine your application for loan approval and multiple loan options.


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Creative Financing For Different Types of Credit Profiles


If you want to improve your appearance, without maxing out your credit cards or the burden of a large cash payment, patient financing from Cosmetic Surgery Financing assists patients who prefer affordable monthly payments.


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Affordable Financing


Cosmetic Surgery Financing provides applicants with a quick and easy application process along with fast loan decisions.  After your application has been approved, we will contact you with your payment options.


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Cosmetic Surgery Financing
Choose your own doctor or ask us for a referral


Most finance companies require you to go to their member doctors, Cosmetic Surgery Financing allows you to choose your own!


Most of our applicants apply even before choosing a doctor.  Knowing your budget limits avoids wasting time and embarrasment.

Cosmetic Surgeons
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