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Cosmetic Surgery Financing provides financing for all cosmetic, plastic, dental, weight loss, orthopedic, reconstructive, hair transplant, eye surgery, laser surgery and infertility procedures plus more. You may also use our financing to cover insurance co-pays. We are not the middle man, we are able to make loan decisions based on more than just your credit score.  Apply today and we will fund your procedure and offer you diferent options with affordable low monthly payments.





“Thank you for coming through at the last minute, I was about to cancel my surgery!”

P. Cruz

“My doctor needed payment a week before surgery and I couldn't have had my surgery without your help.”

D. Russell

“I'm so happy cosmetic surgery financing was able to help me with find a doctor and secure the loan for my liposuction.”

S. Barker

“The financing process took less than 15 minutes and I was able to schedule my surgery immediately after my consultation.”

D. Hubert

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