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The Application Process

Cosmetic Surgery Financing provides applicants with a quick and easy application process along with fast loan decisions. You may apply via our secure on-line application a or call our loan processing department directly at 1-888-400-7566 or fax in your application to 1-626-421-7947, a loan representative will carefully examine your application to offer you the highest chance for loan approval and multiple loan options.


On-line Applications


After your application is processed, you will receive an instant message notifying you that your application has been pre-approved, pending a stipulation or a co-applicant required for further approval consideration. Your approval status will be sent to you via e-mail and you will have immediate access to choose your provided loan option for loan documentation completion. Signing loan documentation is done online and via electronic signature and loans are funded typically within 72 hours upon completing the loan documentation.


Telephone and Fax Applications


For applications submitted over the phone with a loan representative, you will be provided a loan status typically instantly or within 5-15 minutes upon completing your phone application.


Processing Time


Your loan application is generally processed within 15 minutes depending on the lending partners reviewing your application. Cosmetic Surgery Financing is committed offering prompt loan results with multiple loan options to choose from. For challenged credit applicants, loan statuses may take up to 15 minutes during business hours.


Approval Procedures


Once your application is approved, we will need some additional information to complete your loan process. If you already have a chosen physician, our loan department will need to know the physician’s name, anesthesiologist and surgical facility, otherwise, our loan department will be able to set you up with an appointment to see one or two highly certified physicians in your local area or a preferred area of your choice. For certain types of loans, we may need the date of your scheduled medical treatment.


If you've chosen to apply for a loan before finding a surgeon, we can help you find a qualified physician in your area.

Your loan documents are all completed via electronic signature and can be available immediately for electronic signature upon your acceptance of the provided loan options.


We offer many types of loan programs that can fund within 72 hours of completing the electronic loan documentation and other loans that will fund two weeks prior to your scheduled medical treatment. Since most physicians require advance payment for their services, it is crucial that you complete your loan documentation promptly.


Loan approvals are valid for a limited time only


Options If Your Application Is Declined If your loan application is initially declined, you may reapply immediately with a qualified co-applicant for reconsideration.


If you have already scheduled a procedure and are trying to secure a loan quickly, you may re-apply for your loan with a qualified co-applicant, who has established credit and no delinquencies. In most cases, it is preferable the co-applicant is a family member, but Surgery financing also accepts non-relative co-applicants on approved credit.


We are committed to helping patients like you, who have a limited or less than perfect credit history, restore and re-build your credit profile by approving loans with a co-applicant. Typically our loan documentation allows you to be the primary holder on the loan and to receive the monthly payment billings as long as payments are received in full and on time.


We also provide credit repair and counseling, customized to help you improve your credit profile for potential future loan approval.

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